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Just published: The IfU Annual Report 2022

The IfU Annual Report 2022 shows what was important in our institute, provide a review of important projects and events.

The future remains the focus of our interest. In the new projects of the AiF e.V. that have now started, we are developing a mobile collaborative robot for the assisted draping of fiber composite components, researching robust and adaptive control strategies using methods of deep reinforcement learning and the design of the open peer-to-peer learning platform for everything to do with digitization in SMEs is in it’s end stages.

We remain curious to know what awaits us in these projects. The fact that we can make the world a better place in small steps will remain one of our strongest motivators in the coming year. Research is particularly fruitful when it tackles concrete problems. We would like to continue to devote ourselves to this task in 2023 with energy, curiosity and enthusiasm.